Casper T. Hansen

The story

I am 20 years old, and from Roskilde in Denmark, and I am ready to take a big step in my motor sports career.

I have been driving go-kart for 4 years and I qualified for the world championship in Italy already in my first season. I have participated in big championships and have, among others, won the Danish championship, the Nordic championship and came in second in the Danish Super-kart. I reached pole at the World championship in Italy.

My great interest in motor sports comes from my dad who used to drive go-kart and it is definitely his passion for motor sports which has awoken an interest in me and after I have started driving myself I have become aware, that I have a great wish to make this sport my living.

In 2017 I focused on Formula 5, the former Formula Ford and came in second at the Danish championship. In 2018 my focus was on Formula 4 in Denmark and become winner of Danish championship.

Formula 4 in 2018

In 2018 I am fighting to win the Danish championship for Renault Formula 4 Denmark

At the same time this season is a tribute to my mother, who sadly lost her struggle to cancer in February 2018. She is greatly missed, but it has also meant that we have started a fundraising campaign to the benefit of The Danish Cancer Research Society in close collaboration with our sponsors. This is also the reason why my car is named after my mother, Charlotte.



2018 – Formula 4 – #4
2017 – Formula 5 – #44


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